About Us

Regardless of whether you are looking for a Wi-Fi management software for a large hotel chain, or a small cafe on the corner, a big enterprise or a small business in the nearby area, a hospital chain or a clinic in your colony, a city hotspot or a home Wi-Fi, you will find udaya platform was built with your needs and concerns in mind.

The technology behind udaya comes from Inventum Technologies, a company that has specialized in high-speed routers, network security, Internet policy management systems, AAA infrastructure, convergent postpaid billing, prepay charging, revenue management, cloud-based services, and Wi-Fi hotspot systems for nearly 18 years.

Actually, most businesses don’t know how to optimise the Wi-Fi experience for their customers and leverage the data it produces when customers and visitors connect to their Free Wi-Fi. udaya is the best Wi-Fi management software that offers innovative Wi-Fi marketing and empowers you to connect with your customers in a targeted manner. You can rely on udaya flawlessly. It provides offline businesses the same level of analytics that any online businesses have with them.